About Us

Our extraordinary desire to deliver state-of-the-art products and services at affordable prices makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our Competencies

We have hired the best talent. Despite of our team members having years and decades of experience, we are always exploring new technologies and seeking new ways to solve more complex problems more effectively. At Zegaware, innovation is the key to our success.

Our Developers and Engineers

Our engineers and developers are software gurus and actively contribute in solving community reported problems on popular software engineering websites, such as Stack Overflow, where they are among the top 11% in their areas of expertise.

... and the Rest of Us

Likewise, our consultants, web developers and designers have worked on multiple projects ranging from common to complex. Our technical support engineers are real problem-solvers and always at hand to resolve your technical issues. We tested them all with their competencies before hiring them – yes, they do know their stuff!

Our Journey To Success

We work hard, day in day out, but that is not the only thing that has earned us the recognition that we have. Our professional attributes that we consider to be the underlying ingredients of our true identity are


We recommend a product or solution that best fulfils our clients' needs at the least possible cost. We do not promote the most expensive product to be the best one, because it always is not.


When we have undertaken a task or project we commit to it. We deliver the anticipated product or service to the highest standard and within the time frame agreed on in the project proposal.

Quality Work

Our extraordinary desire to deliver only the best is what we take pride in. We never compromise on the quality of work even if that means us putting in extra work to complete the project on time.


We believe that having a clear communication with the client is of paramount importance for the successful delivery of any project. We keep our client in the loop throughout the life-cycle of project.

Our Recent Projects

We have been hard at work building critical software and applications for our valuable clients. These are some of the projects that we have delivered recently.

Blockchain Technology

We built crypto Wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain technologies for an international client.

E-Voting System

For our government client to store the voting information on the national database efficiently and securely with login authentication.

Hospital Management System

For a private hospital that also allows secure communication with approved pharmacies for verification of prescriptions

An E-Commerce Website

For one of our clients, to sell unlimited products and any number of product categories and with all major payment gateways to accept online payments.

What our clients say

This is what our clients have to say about our service and brilliant team members.

Are you starting a new project?

We can help you solve your technology problems. Whether it is building a new website, developing a software to automate any of your business tasks, or developing a mobile app to deliver your services to your customers in a mobile-first approach – we can guide you on all of this, and more. We also do graphic design and branding work for our clients. We shall be keen to hear from you if you are starting a project and would like to discuss.